Close to the end

So I’m at the point where I need to decide whether or not I’m going to continue this ol’ blog.  The next step is a payment plan~ not free as I have been using thus far. Ok so I DO take a lot of pictures but what good are words without pictures, I ask you? […]

right now on the farm….

…’s -11 degrees. Not a breath of breeze. The membranes of the inside tip of your nostrils tend to freeze ever so slightly with every inhalation. You can hear the electric lines that follow the county road a fourth a mile away crackle and buzz with the cold. All is silent. The cold is oppressive and could […]

Extreme cold.

I didn’t sleep well. The wind picked up sometime in the night and I tossed and turned worrying about our animals. I’m such a ninny. Each of the animals have warm protected beds and plenty of food but the “mother” in me worries. The very cold weather always complicates outside chores. But it also makes […]

What is that great orb in the sky?

It’s super cold. But the sun is shining! At least it is today! This has been a most unusual winter. (I’ve said this a couple of times and will probably say it many more times before season end.) Typically, we have inversions and overcast days in all of December, January and February. Couple the dreary […]

More snow

  We received about 5 inches of snow over night. The temperatures are in the teens and the high today was supposed to be 23 but I don’t think it’s going to make it to 20 degrees. It’s been remarkably cold for this time of year. And the animals have been plowing through the stored […]

A snow event

You could see the front moving  from the southwest into our valley. It looked like a slow moving tide inching in to eclipse our sunny skies. It’s supposed to snow for the next 4 days. The weather guys are calling it “a snow event”. Whatever. It is winter, right? The temperatures this morning are hovering […]